Lawn Mowing Service

Our lawn mowing service includes mowing the entire lawn at a frequency of either weekly, (every 7 days) or biweekly, (14 days). We will trim around all obstacles such as trees, fencing, etc. We use mulching mowers, as it is much better for the lawn. We edge all sidewalks, driveways and patios with a blade edger every 2 weeks, (weekly clients) or every 4 weeks, (biweekly clients). A thorough clean up of all resulting debris is included with every single visit.

Lawn Mowing ServiceStandard Included Benefits
- Blades sharpened daily
- Bagging of clippings as needed to maintain a neat appearance
- Mowing performed between 2.5-3.5 inches
- Reliable scheduled service dates – coincide with garbage collection
- Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed

Optional Add Ons
- Fertilizer & weed control
- PUP Service – Picking up poop
- Apples/fruit/pine cone cleanup