Spring Lawn Care Tips

Every spring in Edmonton there is a major rush to do a lawn and yard spring clean up. Not every yard is the same and the lawn services required for any given yard can vary greatly. One thing is for sure though taking care of many lawn improvements in the spring is best. Waiting too long into the summer heat will almost certainly make it much more difficult and expensive to achieve a lawn you can be proud of.

Here are some spring lawn care tips to bring your Edmonton yard back to life.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Power Raking

Power raking is a highly sought after service in the spring, because of its effective method of dealing with any old lawn growth and other fall and winter debris on the lawn. The rake easily loosens this debris for removal, leaving only alive and growing green grass behind. Not to be confused with lawn de-thatching where the rake digs deeper into the surface of the lawn to remove thatch. Power raking is just a light comb of the surface. Do not wait too long to have this service performed as in the spring while the temperatures are still not too hot and there is plenty of moisture available for the lawn to recover quickly.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a must for most Edmonton lawns in the spring. After the long cold winter and all the snow piled on the lawn you can surely bet the roots have suffered from some amount of compaction. Only second to aerating in the fall, spring lawn aeration is something I believe every lawn needs in the spring. Because of the difficulty of using a lawn aerator and the hassle and cost of renting one, hiring someone to do this for you is a wise chose.

Fertilizer & Weed Control

Fertilizer and weed control is something that should be set up quickly after the snow melts. Waiting on this step will allow weeds the upper hand to compete for your lawns real state. While fertilizing can easily be done by a homeowner, weed control should in most cases be left to the professionals. Set these lawn services up as early as possible to save time and frustration later into summer.

Soil Testing

Think back to last spring and early summer. Were you totally thrilled with the appearance of your lawn? Did you find yourself watering and fertilizing and still not happy with the lawn? Ok, then consider a soil test for your lawn. Having a soil test done can give you scientific facts about what may be wrong and how to fix it. Doing this in the spring is preferred because spring and early summer are the best time to put the recommended corrections into action, while allowing your lawn the time needed to recover before the peak summer heat.

Proper Mowing / Grass-Cycling

As the mowing season begins refrain from bagging the clippings. These clipping are mostly water and break down extremely fast, provided you are mowing at the right intervals to maintain a length of 2.5-3″ and never remove more then 1/3rd of the length in any mowing. If you fall behind, mow the recommended 1/3rd and then wait a few days to remove up to another 1/3rd until you achieve the desired height of cut. If after cutting you feel the clippings are too clumpy consider mowing again at a different angle to properly disperse the clippings. Often times mowing the lawn twice is easier and still faster then the laborious task of bagging the clippings. This process is widely known as grass-cycling. Read more here

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