Are you looking for cheap snow removal? Or cheap service?

So I got a new snow removal lead a few weeks ago. This Edmonton couple hired another company for snow removal under contract at a savings of 20% off my price. They were not happy with the service they were getting and in fact the company did not make it around to service their property until 2-3 days after a snowfall. I would have fired them too. Now it took some work on my part to sell them on paying more then they were in the past. Later though once I cleaned up the 4 inches of ice from their driveway the other company left behind, this is what the new client had to say: “I have not seen my driveway since the first snowfall of 2012”. Not only did I clear all the ice but I provided access to the snow covered fire hydrant in front of their home. Yikes! Now that’s quality service.

So now we know that the cheapest rate is not the way to go with snow removal.

Still Want Cheap Snow Removal?

When you are looking to hire someone for snow removal, remember price is important, but not more important then the service quality.