Lawn Aeration Edmonton

Lawn aeration is commonly called a secret, or a secret weapon to a healthy green lawn. Its no secret though that lawn aeration can be a huge benefit to every lawn at least once a year. All though many believe the spring to be the best time to aerate a lawn, there are many benefits to aerating in the fall as well. If you truly want to get the most out of lawn aeration I suggest you aerate your lawn both spring and fall.

Lawn Aeration

 Lawn aeration is a process of pulling cores sometimes called plugs of soil out of the lawn surface allowing for easy exchange of water, air and nutrients.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Loosens soil allowing roots to grow. – A loose soil allows the roots to grow deeper then they could in compacted soil. Like a house foundation, if you want a healthy green lawn take care of the roots.

Air, water and nutrients have less restriction from reaching the root zone of the lawn. – If the root system can not easily access air water and nutrients deep in the soil they will suffer and grow shallow. If the roots have access to these things deep in the soil, then you will have deep lawn roots.

Effective method of controlling thatch. – Thatch is not a bad thing contrary to what many believe. But too much of a good thing can be bad. Lawn aeration helps to keep the level of thatch at a good healthy level.

When To Aerate the Lawn

I offer lawn aeration in the spring as part of my spring cleanups, and in the fall during fall leaf cleanups. These times are best for lawn aeration because the air temperatures are cool enough not to bake the exposed lawn roots.