Lawn Edging

Power Lawn Edging

Power lawn edging is a service that really adds to the professional curb appeal to any lawn. It is a process of using a vertical blade that slices a clear separation between lawn borders and things like sidewalks and even flower beds. It is a great way to prevent lawn grass from growing over concrete edges or into flower beds. While power lawn edging is not too difficult, it can be a little scary for someone who has never done it before. Frequency of this service to maximize appearance of a lawn is usually every second lawn mowing depending on species of grass. Some lawn grasses reproduce more then others spreading by stolons and/or rhizomes, which cause lawns to overgrow the edges and into flower beds much quicker then others. This is an optional service that I can perform in addition to mowing and trimming, at a frequency needed to maintain the sharp lawn edges.

Save time weeding the flower beds and enjoy the crisp clean curb appeal that lawn edging can add to your yard.