Power Raking Edmonton

Power raking is a process of what I like to call combing the surface of the lawn. Power raking is great for loosening old lawn growth and any debris left from the harsh Edmonton winter, where it can then be vacuumed up and bagged for disposal. Not to be confused with de-thatching which often people will use the same machine.

When I Do Power Raking

In the spring right after the snow melts you may look at your mostly brown lawn at a loss for what to do to make it green again. I perform power raking because its a great way to remove some of the brown which creates space for new grass to grow. Power raking performed in the spring as part of my spring cleanup and followed up with aeration, seeding and fertilizer will have your lawn green in no time, surely making the neighbors green with envy. Every year there is a rush to power rake because the best time to get the most benefit from power raking is right after the snow melts, and before the lawn begins to grow, (green up). For this reason I encourage you to book you power raking early.